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3 Ways To Enjoy Watermelon This Summer

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3 Ways To Enjoy Watermelon This Summer

Love it or hate it, you must #BeatTheHeat. Our advice? Dive into the refreshing goodness of the season’s most thirst-quenching fruit – watermelons! Composed of 90 percent water and versatile in its consumption, watermelons are not only delicious but also a must-have for staying hydrated.

To help you stay cool and refreshed throughout the season, three fantastic ways to enjoy the fruit:

Make juicy watermelon popsicles at home: There’s nothing quite like an icy popsicle on a sunny day, especially when it’s made from fresh, juicy watermelons straight from your kitchen. Fortunately, making your own quick popsicles is incredibly easy! Blend watermelon and sugar into a thick juice-like consistency, pour it into popsicle molds (available at stores or online), freeze until firm, and enjoy. If you don’t have a mold available, you can even use empty watermelon shells as molds for a truly watermelon-y experience.

Enjoy a cold watermelon drink for instant rejuvenation: On those scorching summer days when you need to unwind after being outdoors, treat yourself to a refreshing watermelon drink. Sip on a Breeze Watermelon Mint with friends or whip up a quick watermelon lemonade at home. Simply combine watermelon, mint leaves, freshly squeezed lemons, and lemon zest for a revitalizing beverage that will provide instant hydration.

Keep it simple and slice it up – incorporate it into salads or burgers: Fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet, and it’s often recommended to consume the whole fruit to enjoy its full benefits. Sliced watermelons can be enjoyed as a refreshing dessert or a quick snack to keep you hydrated all summer long. To add some excitement, you can also combine watermelon slices with feta cheese and mint to create a quick, easy, and delightfully refreshing salad. Feeling more adventurous? Give your plain-jane burgers a summery makeover by adding a generous slice of watermelon and some feta cheese to fresh whole wheat burger buns. Pair it with a patty of your choice, and you’ll have delicious watermelon feta burgers ready to be devoured!

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