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Americans Tired Of The Primary Election Process


Americans Tired Of The Primary Election Process

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From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA

While the year may be coming to an end, Republican presidential hopefuls are only ramping up their 2024 campaigns as they try to clinch the GOP frontrunner spot from former President Donald Trump. Voters continue to be doubtful about votes being counted accurately in the primaries or in the 2024 presidential election.

The skepticism among voters comes after years of former President Donald Trump falsely blaming his 2020 loss on election fraud. Trump supporters say nothing will be fair in next election because the last election was rigged, and they don’t trust any of them at this point. Though the candidates have been campaigning around the clock since the beginning of the year, primary elections will be over by Super Tuesday – six months before the nomination process.

Since the incumbent faces only token opposition in the presidential primary, voters expect President Joe Biden will be nominated again, despite his low job approval numbers. Many feels like there’s got to be someone better out there, but they don’t think another Democrat is going to unseat Joe Biden, since the nominating system as inherently flawed.

People want a change of direction from the candidates who spend 90% of their time attacking each other and the other 10% of the time raising money. It’s all about money, who can get the most money from PACs and Super PACs, that donate to candidates or spend millions of dollars on their behalf. If you can’t raise millions of dollars then you can’t get on the ballot. Our media likes it this way because the parties spend hundreds of Millions of dollars a year on campaign advertisements.

It’s a stinking mess, and both parties are equally to blame. The point is nobody trusts our election process anymore. They have made it too easy to cheat with widespread mail in ballots, drop-off ballot boxes, and unsecure, unaccountable handling procedures, etc. and pretty much rig their own primaries for their “approved” candidates. People doubt the primary elections as well as the presidential general election.

Many countries hold elections, but nobody spends as money and time as Americans. Once the election is over, all campaign promises will be forgotten, and politicians go back to business as usual. This has got to change. Primaries should be eliminated or restricted to the first three months of the election year and not a year before.

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