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Be Generous, But Be Wise


Be Generous, But Be Wise

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From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA

If you wish to donate or become a sponsor to non-profit organizations in your community, take the following steps for accountability. These steps are based on my own experience. Tell others to follow these guidelines.

(1) Mention on the check for what purpose the money should be spent

(2) Demand an immediate receipt, since IRS rules for nonprofit organizations in Publication 526 mandate that they give donors a receipt

(3) Ask for a detailed accounting of how your money was spent since IRS requires that money should be spent for the intended purpose.

(4) Life membership dues cannot be used for general purposes per bylaws

(5) If the organization gives you a runaround, demand money back. If you sue for breach of contract, the court will rule in your favor.

(6) File a complaint against the organization to IRS on Form 13909

Many organizations are dishonest or sneaky, so be careful.

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  • if some one asks you for a donation, ask them how much money they have donated? In most cases, you won’t hear from them again because they are dishonest

    December 21, 2023

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