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California Department of Aging Launches First Statewide Survey

California Department of Aging Launches First Statewide Survey

India-West Staff Reporter

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Department of Aging (CDA) has launched the first-ever statewide assessment for Californians aged 55 and older to share their voices, the Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults (CASOA). The assessment is designed to gather critical information about how older adults’ strengths and needs will impact community planning throughout the state.

Why It Is Important

Assessment results will help California develop and further establish programs, services, and supports that are inclusive and responsive to the strengths and needs of older adults.

Printed letters and postcards in English and Spanish were mailed to select participants chosen at random across the state. All Californians aged 55 and older can now participate in the survey online in nine languages at https://polco.us/californiaopen23.

“This survey offers older Californians a unique platform to articulate their present and future service needs, and it’s an opportunity for CDA to hear from older adults in every area of the state,” said Susan DeMarois, Director of the California Department of Aging. “By engaging in this survey, older adults are collectively molding the blueprint for future planning and program development. This is another important example of California’s commitment to deliver person-centered services to meet older adults’ evolving needs, as outlined in our Master Plan for Aging.”

What It Measures

• Community Design

• Employment and Finances

• Equity and Inclusivity

• Health and Wellness

• Information and Assistance

• Productive Activities 

The CASOA takes a central position as part of Initiative 73 in the 2023-24 Master Plan for Aging Initiatives. The initiative calls for CDA to, “Conduct California’s first-ever statewide baseline consumer satisfaction survey to amplify the older adult voice and ensure equity and inclusion of all perspectives, including geography, race, ethnicity, income, sexual orientation, gender identification, age, and ability.” Aligned with the objectives of Goal 3 of the Master Plan for Aging, known as “Equity & Inclusion, Not Isolation,” this initiative blends established practices with new approaches to better serve the varied needs of older adults across the state. The CASOA operates within this framework, contributing significantly to the Master Plan’s aspiration of creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for aging Californians.

Visit And Participate

The assessment is available in an ADA-compliant online format in nine languages: English, Spanish, Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Arabic. The deadline for online submissions is August 28, 2023. Visit:

https://aging.ca.gov/Community_Assessment_Survey_For_Older_Adults/ for more information and to take the survey.

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