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Carrot Almond Pudding

Carrot-Almond-Pudding. India West

Carrot Almond Pudding


Carrots (3 pcs)

Soy or almond milk (500 ml)

Dates (10 pcs)

Almond flour (75gms)

Cardamom powder (half teaspoon)

Vanilla extract (half teaspoon)

Coconut oil (2 teaspoons)


Heat coconut oil in a pan and add grated carrot into it.

Steam and cook for 15 minutes until soft.

Blend the dates with half almond or soy milk and add to the pan with carrot along with almond powder.

Add cardamom powder and mix well.

Cook for 15 minutes until the carrot absorbs all milk.

Add vanilla extract and remaining soy milk.

Cook till the milk is warmed and mixed well.

Serve in a bowl with dry fruits and fresh fruits. (IANS) 

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