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Designer Ranna Gill To Celebrate The Power of Flowers


Designer Ranna Gill To Celebrate The Power of Flowers

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – A pioneering member of the Indian fashion industry, Ranna Gill is seen as a futurist, someone who believes in the power of fashion and in pushing the entrepreneurial boundaries, on a global level. Returning to the runway in Mumbai after a decade, Gill celebrates the modern Indian woman through her collection Casa dei Fiori.

Inspired by her travels through Italy and her love for flowers, the fashion designer brings Casa dei Fiori, where effervescent hues and textures are transformed into classic and modern silhouettes. Known and loved signature prints, Casa dei Fiori blooms with vibrant and dazzling florals to create a feminine and playful sensibility.

“Flowers never fail to bring a smile to my face. They are full of life, love, and femininity. Each flower is unique in its color, shape, and characteristics; much like every woman. Casa dei Fiori celebrates the gentle power of flowers through vibrant prints, embroideries, and elegant silhouettes. The name comes from my travels through Italy, where I cherished my time amidst sprawling estates with cobblestone roads, manicured lawns, and dazzling gardens,” says Gill.

From dark botanicals that reflect the serene splendor of a lush garden, lit under the moonlight to cheerful coral bouquets that capture the joy and glory of a crisp summer day, the breezy maxi dresses, chic matching sets, extravagant ball gown skirts and sequin gowns capture it all. 

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