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Is India Under Attack?

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Is India Under Attack?

From Rangaesh Gadasalli, Los Angeles, CA

Within a few days India has seen many planned attempts to destroy railway lines and to kill hundreds of people. Kerala and Rajasthan attempts got identified and some people connected to ISI have been arrested. Orissa disaster where three trains collided with each other resulting in the deaths of more than 350 innocent people has shaken the Indian nation and the govt is seriously investigating.

Why these accidents at multiple states within a few days apart when Congress leader Mr Rahul Gandhi is attacking the Indian govt, Modi Ji and BJP as communal and admiring Muslim league as secular. Why is Indian railways getting attacked now? Is it because Railways are making billions and exporting billions abroad and connecting big cities in India to help economy. USA Canada and many other nations have given orders Indian railways to help exports engines, coaches etc. Looks like colonial forces in Europe do not want India to become a third largest super power.

Orissa collision site is only few kilometers from the satellite launching island. Were the criminals targeting supplies carried by Goods train? Hope Indian govt investigates these planned attacks on these trains and convicts the criminals involved with these incidents.

Rahul Gandhi getting sponsored by people who hate Hindus, Modi JI and BJP is a threat for the Indian nation. Looks like we may see many train accidents bridge blasts, communal riots and protests in streets saying democracy is in danger, minorities are not safe, etc to make news all over the world to defame India.

Billionaires like Mr Soros, Vatican supported NGOs and anti-democratic Jihadis and comrades have joined hands to hurt India in a big way.

People of Indian origin who respect democracy and expect India to be a great economic power must unite and support the Indian govt and expose the anti-India forces.

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