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‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ – The Movie Preaches Reincarnation!


‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ – The Movie Preaches Reincarnation!

From Vanamali Thotapalli, Chicago, IL

Every year around this time the movie – “It’s a Wonderful Life” is shown on TV.

How many realize that this movie promotes Reincarnation?

In the movie the hero has a choice – runaway & hide from all the horrors & burdens of life, hope God will forgive him and enjoy all the bounties of heaven! Down below his family might become destitute, thrown out of their house, homeless, his wife struggling to put food on the table, his children going to bed hungry, their futures destroyed. And of course, the rest of the small town now in trouble

But good news! He doesn’t care anymore!

You notice that at any time a Priest comes on TV the “Journalist” ALWAYS asks about meeting all their DEAD loved ones, but never enquires about the LIVING loved ones – they could be starving, sick, homeless, caught in a war facing rape, torture!

And now you know why – because that would make the religious leader uncomfortable.

Uncaring, selfish people shamelessly sponging off God in Heaven?

And this is God’s Grand Plan?


Stay and fight for a better world! And that is what he chooses to do. Success is not guaranteed – things might yet get worse! But God needs good people down here to fight for a better world and that is exactly what he does!

And of course, he wins!

Because God is with him, God is with the Living, not the Dead, certainly not with cowards running away from life.

And that is why Hinduism preaches Reincarnation.

God is not rewarding Cowardice – God is not running a Charity Retirement Home in the sky for Cowards to run away, hide, sit around doing nothing, shamelessly sponging off God.

God created this world for us – Mother Earth is well, our mother, this is our Home

We die, we Reincarnate, we are not Cowards – we work to make this a better world for all.

Make God Proud of his Children.

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