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Navigating Post-Divorce Dating

Navigating-Post-Divorce-Dating India West

Navigating Post-Divorce Dating

The major, looming question on your mind, once your marriage dissolves, is probably: Will you start dating once more? If the answer is yes, going back outside may represent a thrilling comeback for some people or a much-needed fresh start for others. Some people are willing to explore, some are prepared for a relationship, others are unsure of what they want, and some people may even experience all these emotions simultaneously.

Bumble’s ‘Dating Renaissance’ trend refers to an influx of newly single Indians. As per Bumble’s study, 36 percent of Indians on Bumble have ended a marriage or serious relationship in the last two years. They are now jumping into their second chapter with (42 percent) using dating apps for the first time, learning to navigate new dating languages and codes.

Here’s some advice from the app on beginning your back-to-the-dating-world journey after a divorce:

How to know you’re ready to date again: It’s important to note that the only person who must sign off on your timeline is you. Your timeline may seem too fast or too slow to others, but if you feel ready, then that’s all that matters.

Think about what you want from a relationship: It’s okay if you’re not looking for any long-term or serious commitments right away. Not everyone who dates after divorce would want to marry again, so having a clear conversation about what you are looking for can help you be on the same page with someone you’re dating or want to date.

Take it easy and build trust: After spending time in a marriage, you may be used to being in a committed relationship. But that doesn’t mean you have to jump right back to that. Get to know the person, their likes and dislikes, their expectations from a relationship before involving friends and family.

Try to be specific about what kind of person you are looking for: If you are looking for another relationship, you can learn from your past to inform your future. At this point in your life, you don’t need to try and forge a connection with everyone you meet-you have a strong sense of self and know what you like and dislike. Don’t go to any trouble to sanitize your geekiest interests, or shy away from your dark sense of humor if you want a partner, be your authentic self.

Trust your gut: After ending a marriage, it’s more important than ever that you trust yourself. You’re your own best advocate and it’s crucial that you listen to your intuition about dating-whatever it may be telling you. Most importantly, if anything doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to call it. You don’t have to see anyone for another date; you don’t owe them anything. In fact, just because you started doesn’t mean you have to keep dating at all.

It’s fair to remember that when you have a child, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean you neglect your own happiness. (IANS)

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