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Presidential Candidates: Quality

Presidential Candidates: Quality

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From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA4507

Our current system of elections does not draw out the best candidates for public voting.  Voters can only judge the candidates for their oratory or looks, not on other qualities or qualifications essentially required for excellence in job performance.

To improve the quality of candidates, we need to adopt prerequisites to qualify a person as a candidate for public voting.  Brief hints of areas for the candidates’ education, training, experience, and personal and public character are indicated below to trigger the reader’s mind for more suggestions.

Details of acceptable ideas may be worked out by analyzing the causes of the past presidents’ avoidable mistakes or missed opportunities.  Based on these studies, pre-requisites may be established and adopted for quality control of the candidates.

Suggested areas:

1. Education: Political science; Sociology; Geo-political history of the world; Math; Economics; Budgeting; U.S. History; Various ethnic groups inhabiting the U.S., their religions, and customs; Presidential manners, morals, and social graces.

2. Training:  One year understudy with the Military Chief of Staff.

3.  Experience:  One term as U.S. Senator and one term as governor of a state.

4. Personal & Public Character:  Family life relationships; Personal character; Public character, credit rating (Keeping in mind that elected officials have a significant influence on American values and culture.  Ignoring this fact has caused a loss of good values that made America so great in so short a time.

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  • The writer does not understand principles of election. Anyone whether educated or uneducated, patriot or non-patriot, politician or non-politician can run for an office, It is up to the voters to decide who gets elected. Even Hitler was elected as Chancellor!

    September 1, 2023

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