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Rhododendron Sinful Chocolate

Rhododendron-Sinful-Chocolate India West

Rhododendron Sinful Chocolate

By Rajeev Badola

Serves 1


250 gm whipped cream

200 gm white butter

250 gm dark chocolate

10 ml Cointreau

100 gm cream cheese

25 gms Rhododendron crush

50 gms sugar

10 gms fresh cherries


  1. Mix butter and sugar well to a smooth texture. Now add melted dark chocolate to it.
  2. Pour the mixture into a mixing bowl, add whipped cream, and Cointreau in it gradually using a spatula. Set it in a tray and keep it in the refrigerator.
  3. Also prepare a mixture of an equal quantity of whipped cream and cream cheese, and later, add rhododendron crush.
  4. Assembling- In a martini glass (as per availability) put some Rhododendron crush, then pipe cream cheese mixture. Settle it and then place the chocolate mixture.
  5. Garnish- Top with Rhododendron reduction, whipped cream, and fresh cherries.
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