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RIP Daniel Ellsberg

RIP Daniel Ellsberg India West

RIP Daniel Ellsberg

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA

I am writing to express my profound admiration for Daniel Ellsberg, who courageously exposed the deceitful practices of the US government during the Vietnam War, despite great personal risk. His decision to leak the Pentagon Papers revealed a stark contrast between government statements and the truth they possessed about the war. Ellsberg’s actions challenged the government’s narrative and shed light on the war’s severe consequences for both American soldiers and the Vietnamese people.

Henry Kissinger’s label of Ellsberg as the “Most Dangerous Man in America” speaks volumes about the impact of his actions. Rather than being a condemnation, it emphasizes Ellsberg’s unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth and confronting those who sought to suppress it. Despite facing threats, legal repercussions, and personal hardships, Ellsberg remained resolute in his pursuit of justice.

Today, we recognize Ellsberg as a champion of transparency and a defender of democratic values. His brave act sparked a nationwide debate on the government’s role and the importance of an informed citizenry. It serves as a reminder that the responsibility to hold our leaders accountable lies not only with the media and whistleblowers but with each engaged citizen.

In this era where the need for government accountability remains pressing, we must remember the remarkable example set by Daniel Ellsberg. May his courageous actions continue to inspire future generations to question authority, defend truth, and safeguard the values upon which our society is built.

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