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SAN Opens Doors In Los Angeles For Bangladeshi Community

SAN Opens Doors In Los Angeles For Bangladeshi Community

India-West Staff Reporter

LOS ANGELES, CA – The South Asian Network (SAN) opened its doors to the community in Little Bangladesh on August 26, here.

The Little Bangladesh office was made possible through the Poverty Alleviation Initiative (PAI) a community-led projects grant, a press release said. The grant enables the Bangladeshis to have a central location, also known as the Bangladeshi Community Development Center, in which they can receive culturally and linguistically appropriate education, childcare services, a one-stop shop for resume/career building skills, interview skills, English as a second language, computer skills, financial literacy and budgeting, public benefits application assistance such as CalWORKs, technical workshops and more.

Among the partner organizations that joined SAN were: Asian Americans Advancing Justice Southern California, The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, AAPI Equity Alliance, The Asian American Drug Abuse Program, California School of Health Sciences, Law Office of Fahim Rahman, Pacific Asian Counseling Services, Kheir Clinic, and Thai CDC.

SAN, in a press release, reiterated, “we want to see South Asian women exercising the beauty, power, and courage that they have but might not see all the time. When you enter through SAN’s doors, we hope that you feel the love and care that we opened this space with. We hope that you feel that this is a safe space and a hub for your personal, work, and legal needs. Your voice, your story, and your experience matter to us; and we ask you to hold us accountable when you voice them to us.” The organization also said there would be three Bangla-speaking staff and vowed confidentiality.

The new center is at 154 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA. For more: 562-403-0488.

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