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Save America From Itself

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Save America From Itself

From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA

Danger to a democracy is usually more from within than from outside. Our preliminary observation indicates three major weaknesses that are nibbling at American Democracy: (a) Lack of quality control of elected officials, (b) Political Economy ignoring the sound principles of economics, and (c) Destruction of the great values that made America great.

The need for quality control of elected officials is apparent. We need to establish and adopt requisites and “Do s and Don’ts” for each elected position. This will be an on-going task. We propose establishing a non-partisan Institute of Political Progress to develop requisites as well as make studies to shore up weaknesses in meeting challenges of the changing times.

Besides the U.S. Government’s deficit financing to support non-productive expenses, Labor Unions, fix their high wages by the power of their strike, ignoring the world market economy. As a result, goods produced in America are not competitive in pricing or quality in the world market. Moreover, the Unions in America have created a lopsided economy where the value of education is declining, and socialism is creeping in.

Experience has proven that democracy functions at its best with capitalistic economy and socialism leads to communistic slavery, poverty, and misery. The best way to resist socialism is to establish employers’ unions at various levels interacting with workers unions. For example, set up homeowner’s unions to face home-cleaners and gardeners unions.

Enthusiasts of equality have been turning America into a value free jungle and enthusiasts of secularism have created moral equivalency between the best of human culture (self-fewer moral acts) and the worst of human nature (pornography). Supreme Court has endorsed it. There has been a significant values destruction that is weakening America.

Only non-partisan well-wishers of America can save this great country.

(This submission has not been edited.)

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