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Suvidha International Holds Several ‘Run For Water’ Events

Suvidha International Holds Several ‘Run For Water’ Events

India-West Staff Reporter

SACRAMENTO, CA – Suvidha International Foundation, successfully organized three Run for Water events in Sacramento, Fremont, and in Redmond, WA, to promote health in the community and support River Rejuvenation water projects in India.

More than 500 individuals representing diverse ethnic backgrounds from three different cities enthusiastically joined their respective cities “Run for Water” event, a press release said.

During these three events, Bhaskar Vempati, the founder, and president of Suvidha International Foundation, highlighted the urgent significance of water scarcity, a global issue affecting millions of people.

Pooja Gupta, representing the Art of Living Foundation, and Dolly Parikh, President of Silicon Valley Global Impact Rotary Club who partnered with Suvidha in organizing the events, highlighted the alarming water crisis in the global and Indian contexts.

Gupta pointed out that India is grappling with its most severe water crisis in four decades, with 54% of the Indian subcontinent now resembling a water-stressed arid region, witnessing the rapid depletion of many rivers. Experts predict that India will confront a severe water shortage by 2025 if immediate preventive measures are not undertaken. In response to this looming crisis, AOL founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has motivated the community to embark on a mission to rejuvenate lost rivers across various regions of India, along with restoring other vital water bodies like ponds, wells, canals, and temple tanks.

Numerous participants and supporters of the 5K Walk and 10K Run expressed their gratitude for the event and urged Suvidha International to consider organizing similar events across different regions of the United States in the future to further support the cause.

For more information and to support the cause: suvidhainternational.org

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