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Impeachment Of Two Front Runners


Impeachment Of Two Front Runners

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA

While Democrats have been unsuccessfully trying to impeach Donald Trump for last several years and now are in various courts in the middle of election campaign, Republicans have just started impeachment process against Biden. The Republican-led House of Representatives just voted to formalize an impeachment inquiry into President Biden in favor of the resolution 221-212.

Now it is Democrats turn to cry foul while tables are turned against them. House investigators have yet to produce conclusive evidence of wrongdoing by the president. Meanwhile, Democrats are calling the inquiry a politically motivated stunt, just as Republicans are calling lawsuits against Trump as politically motivated.

Republicans are alleging that Biden and his family improperly benefited from his actions as vice president under the Obama administration and have focused on the foreign business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden, with Ukraine and China. What’s more is that Biden may be getting kickbacks from $111 billion America provided aid to Ukraine, if not now then certainly after he leaves office just as Bush Senior had received $30 million check from Kuwait after 1992 war against Sadam Husain.

The vote means that three GOP-led panels — the Judiciary, Oversight and Ways and Means committees — can move forward with their impeachment inquiry. It will strengthen the GOP’s subpoena power to obtain more documents and testimony for its investigation. It will ultimately give the GOP better legal standing against the White House, since they have seen witness testimony and bank records showing millions of dollars flowing to the Biden family from foreign adversaries.

The inquiry will extend well into 2024, when Biden is up for reelection and is likely to face a rematch with the twice-impeached and four-time criminally indicted former President Donald Trump. In Trump’s broader calls for retribution, he has urged Republicans to act quickly on an impeachment inquiry into his political rival. I cannot wait to see what the Republicans dig up against the Bidens in coming months that will make presidential election more interesting yet controversial. It shows how corrupt America’s politicians are.

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