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4 Arrested For Human Trafficking In Texas

4 Arrested For Human Trafficking In Texas

4 Arrested For Human Trafficking In Texas

Photo: Fox4 News

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DALLAS, TX – Four Indian Americans, including a woman, have been charged with operating a labor trafficking scheme from a residence in Collins County, near here.

Chandan Dasireddy, 24, Dwaraka Gunda, 31, Santhosh Katkoori, 31, and Anil Male, 37, were arrested in March and are now facing charges of trafficking of persons, classified as a second-degree felony. Authorities anticipate additional arrests in connection with the case.

Fox4News.com on July 1 said, police made public the details of the investigations. The arrests came after police discovered 15 women in a home, who they say are victims of human labor trafficking.

The initial suspicion arose when a pest control company was called to the residence for a possible bed bug infestation. Upon entering the premises, inspectors observed rooms where 3-5 young females were sleeping on the floor, along with numerous suitcases. The company alerted law enforcement, initiating the investigation, Fox4News.com reported.

Investigators found the residence lacked basic furniture and contained mainly computer electronics and blankets, according to law enforcement officials and the adult women were being forced to work for Santhosh Katkoori who operated multiple shell companies with his wife, Dwaraka Gunda.

From Katkoori’s residence, authorities seized multiple laptops, cell phones, printers, and fraudulent documents. The investigation also uncovered involvement of multiple locations in several other locations in the county.

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