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Bay Area’s Raj Vasudeva Take On A Poignant Subject With ‘Mercy’

Bay Area's Raj Vasudeva Take On A Poignant Subject With ‘Mercy’

Bay Area’s Raj Vasudeva Take On A Poignant Subject With ‘Mercy’

Photo: Actor Raj Vasudeva walks the red carpet at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. The actor, along with Niharica Raizada, director Mitul Patel, and producer Anuradha Sachdev unveiled the trailer of “Mercy” at the Bharat Pavilion. The film received an overwhelming response. The film, produced by Everclear Films, also stars Adil Hussain, Kunal Bhan and Aparna Ghoshal.
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By Seema Azharuddin

When examining an actor’s career, the psychological aspect plays a significant role. As an actor, you immerse yourself in another person’s life, trying to embody their experiences. Acting is challenging because it involves portraying someone else, which is inherently difficult. Success in this field requires talent, immense effort, and substantial personal investment.

Enter Raj Vasudeva, a dynamic actor who seamlessly navigates both theater and film while also running his own production company, Ever Clear Films. Raj, a trained actor from ACT in San Francisco, has spent four years in Bay Area theater, shaping himself into a versatile performer. Raj states, “Of all the professions that exist, one has seen and discovered that if there is talent in acting, this is the most pursued and revered in the arts.”

Photo:The film tackles the controversial subject of euthanasia, which remains illegal in many countries, including India and most of the US.

Raj emphasizes the importance of continuous self-improvement, saying, “One should always keep working on themselves to become a better actor. Talent is not enough; honing and improving those skills is the key to becoming a better actor.”

The actor recently made a splash at the Cannes Film Festival where he screened the trailer of his film ‘Mercy.’  The film explores the protagonist’s intense dilemma of choosing euthanasia for his mother and the profound impact this decision has on his relationships and personal growth. Raj elaborates, “The character of Shekhar goes through a journey of guilt, hope, and, eventually, love. I hope I have done justice to the character and portrayed him honestly. Hopefully, the audience will appreciate my portrayal and empathize with the characters in the film.”

Transitioning from theater to film poses a challenge for many actors, including Raj Vasudeva. Emoting in front of a camera versus performing on stage comes with its own set of highs and lows, particularly the challenge of forgetting lines. Theater and film are distinct mediums that require different skill sets. Raj explains, “In theater, you get immediate feedback from the audience, and if you forget your lines, you can improvise as long as you stay within the context. If you’re good, the audience won’t notice a missed or skipped line. In film, you can do endless retakes, but the camera is so close that it will catch you if you’re faking it.”

 For an actor, embodying a character involves a deep engagement with the character’s mind, body, and spirit. For Raj, this journey begins with creating the character’s backstory and understanding the five Ws: who, what, where, when, and why. Raj emphasizes the extensive learning process involved in acting, stating, “I recently took a class in Amsterdam on the Alba method, where you evoke emotions through controlled breathing. It definitely works, but it requires practice. In ‘Mercy,’ I used this technique extensively, which helped me truly get into the character’s skin.”

With accolades and recognition in both India and the US, Raj Vasudeva continues to evolve as an actor. He is currently working on three projects while also promoting his film “Mercy.” Raj describes his approach to acting: “We all strive for excellence in our craft, aiming to connect with the narrative, live and breathe the characters we portray, and ultimately receive appreciation for our performances. As actors, we create our own reality within the story’s world. For me, the stage, the camera, and the character become my entire world when I’m working on a project.”

The film, “Mercy,” will do several rounds of festivals and screenings before release. For more information: www.raj-vasudeva.com

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