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US Condemns Terrorism, Will Not Interfere In India – Pak Talks

US Condemns Terrorism, Will Not Interfere In India – Pak Talks

US Condemns Terrorism, Will Not Interfere In India – Pak Talks

WASHINGTON, DC (ANI) – Principal Deputy Spokesperson for the US Department of State, Vedant Patel, reiterated the country’s stance on terrorism, expressing hope that all countries would condemn terrorism everywhere.

During a media briefing on July 1, Patel was asked about the US’s relations with India and Pakistan, given India’s position that terrorism and diplomatic talks cannot coexist with Pakistan. Addressing the media, Patel responded to a question about the triangular relationship among the US, India, and Pakistan.

The reporter referenced Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts, even in his second term, to establish a good relationship with Pakistan while maintaining that terrorism and talks cannot go together.

Patel stated, “We would hope that any country on the face of the planet condemns terrorism anywhere.” He further mentioned that the US welcomes improved relations between neighboring countries but emphasized that specific matters between India and Pakistan are for those countries to address. “Ultimately, this is between India and Pakistan. Broadly, of course, we welcome any countries making more positive relations with their neighbors. But as it relates to this specifically, I just don’t have anything to offer,” he said.

Patel highlighted the deepening relations between the US and India in several key areas. “India is a country in which we are deepening our relations within a number of key spaces, especially as it relates to deepening our economic ties, and deepening our security cooperation,” he said. He also noted that US President Joe Biden had a brief meeting with Prime Minister Modi during the G7 summit a few weeks prior. “This is an area we will continue to cultivate this relationship with,” Patel added.

Regarding PM Modi’s state visit to the US, Patel mentioned that there would be several additional areas for deepened cooperation. “You are no stranger to the fact that we hosted India for a state visit last summer. And I imagine there will be several additional areas where we continue to deepen cooperation. National Security Adviser Sullivan just had a visit to Delhi several weeks ago as well,” he said.

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