HomeMusicRekha Bhardwaj Says Her New Song Is ‘Nourishing’

Rekha Bhardwaj Says Her New Song Is ‘Nourishing’

Rekha Bhardwaj Says Her New Song Is ‘Nourishing’

Rekha Bhardwaj Says Her New Song Is ‘Nourishing’

MUMBAI, (IANS) – National Award-winning playback singer Rekha Bhardwaj, who has lent her voice to the recently released track ‘Nikat’ from the upcoming movie ‘Kill’, has described it as a source of nourishment.

‘Nikat’ is the second song from the film, following ‘Kaawaa Kaawaa’, and has been composed by Haroon Gavin with lyrics by Siddhant Kaushal.

The song depicts the yearning to be close to a loved one and illustrates how love leaves such a profound impression that one desires nothing more than to be near one’s beloved, conveying the sentiment that there is no escape once you are in love.

Reflecting on the song, Rekha Bhardwaj said, ” Nikat’ is more than just a song; it is an emotion, a source of nourishment, and a powerful surge of energy. We hope it transcends boundaries and touches hearts with its profound emotional quotient and vitality that have been conveyed through vocals.”

Composer Haroon Gavin commented, “Rekha ji’s evocative voice, with its nuances and subtle pauses (‘thaharaav’), became an integral part of the narrative we sought to create. It was a journey where every piece of the puzzle effortlessly came together, and I look forward to sharing this musical story with the world.”

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